5 Popular Myths and Prejudices About Cannabis.

In recent years, politicians and the media have repeatedly voiced myths and biases about cannabis in interviews and reports that are in no way true and are simply meaningless statements to spread cannabis rejection.
It is unlikely that anyone who has dealt with the topic of cannabis has a negative opinion / attitude towards the plant. In addition to the general prejudices surrounding cannabis use, it is often completely hidden that cannabis can also be used medicinally and as a useful plant.

We want this unsuspecting rush to stop. We have not yet heard any compelling arguments against cannabis and legalization, and for this reason we want to end the biggest myths and prejudices about cannabis once and for all.

Cannabis makes you stupid!
Cannabis myths and prejudices 1.

Unlike alcohol or opiates, cannabis does not destroy brain cells when consumed. The bias that cannabis makes you stupid is based on the fact that long-term and excessive use of cannabis negatively affects a person’s cognitive abilities.

This sentence is also often used because other things are usually said after consumption that they do not normally do. This is due to the fact that cannabis expands consciousness and affects thinking. Cannabis doesn’t make you stupid when consumed normally (1-2 times a week), nor does it affect cognitive performance forever.

Cannabis is dangerous and addictive!
Cannabis myths and prejudices 2.

However, no one has yet died from cannabis overdose – in theory, this is not even possible. The danger only arises when cannabis is consumed too often and the user cannot control their consumption. Cannabis is also dangerous when driving a car or bicycle, but this also applies to alcohol.

Cannabis is no more dangerous than alcohol and also causes less physical dependence. It is true that cannabis use can lead to high levels of psychological dependence. Those who are particularly at risk and risk factors that increase the likelihood of addiction can be found in the dangers that cannabis can pose.

The association that cannabis is so dangerous mainly stems from the fact that cannabis was / is a taboo topic in German politics and that false claims about cannabis that are collected and distributed in the media are constantly being made.

Those who smoke weed are not capable of anything.
Cannabis myths and prejudices 3.

Broadly speaking, cannabis can have two types of effects. An effect that calms and relaxes the consumer. The second effect stimulates the consumer’s thinking, and problems usually turn into simple things that are quickly resolved. However, the consumer’s motor skills are often impaired, so working under the influence of cannabis is not recommended.

Contrary to popular belief, cannabis users are capable of a lot shortly after use, this always depends on the type and amount of cannabis. Poets, thinkers, philosophers and artists – there are dozens of examples of true miracles that still shape humankind and were created under the influence of cannabis.

Cannabis is a drug.
Cannabis myths and prejudices 4.

Countless studies prove the exact opposite. Only a small proportion of cannabis users try harder drugs. This fact is usually due to the fact that cannabis can only be bought from dealers who have illegally acquired cannabis.

In the short or long term, every cannabis user is exposed to harder drugs – very few give up or take. If cannabis is legalized, contacts with dealers selling harder drugs will disappear. In addition, lately cannabis has been increasingly announced as an exit drug that helps alcoholics and opiates get rid of addiction.

Cannabis increases drug-related deaths.
Cannabis myths and prejudices 5.

The rumor is even worse next to the “cannabis is a drug” myth. More recently, an article appeared in which one CDU politician claims that cannabis is causing more drug-related deaths. This is complete nonsense, because the use of regular cannabis cannot lead to human death.

There are sporadic cases of cannabis users having accidents with their cars, but these are likely in the double-digit range. Alcohol kills thousands of people every year, but it is tolerated without forgiveness. Cannabis is not the cause of drug death in people.

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